Welcome to my site!

Here you will find information about the ways in which I support people in their quest for development and transformation. These are three separated and independent activities, posted on the same place just to simplify my presence on the Internet.

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My name is Carlos Rivas. I studied psychology in Venezuela, where I also continued postgraduate studies in philosophy and social sciences. I am currently completing my Ph.D at the European Graduate School. This path led me to be a thinker, reflecting on human issues at various levels. I bring these insights everywhere I am consulted.

Along with my interest in academia, I am a clinician, immersed in the field of psychotherapy for over 20 years. I have gained knowledge on specific modalities of psychotherapy as well as different presenting issues brought by clients (e.g. anxiety, depression, trauma, emotional issues associated to chronic conditions, among many others). I have also worked with a broad range of populations (e.g. immigrants and refugees, humanitarian workers, LGBTQ+ community, seniors, to name a few of them).

I have also been connected to the non-for-profit sector wearing different hats: volunteer, counsellor, manager… Now I support leaders through coaching.

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